Contact/Use of Phones

Contacting Staff

In the very unlikely scenario that you need to speak to a member of our staff during the trip, parents should call your son’s phone and ask to speak to his Coach.

Please remember that the players and the coaches will be extremely busy so you please don’t worry if your son isn’t in regular contact with you.

If you have an emergency (only) situation, we do provide a phone number for parents to ring. The emergency line is 07880-565751.

Use of Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones has given rise to a number of issues in previous years. Most notably parents getting concerned because their children don’t contact them regularly enough, children who are inexperienced at talking through phones and sending text messages which are misunterpreted by parents, and the use of phones causing homesickness because of the regular contact.

Parents must remember that the players are very busy and contacting home is low priority for most of the players. They are having lots of fun without you so don’t be worried if they don’t get in touch!

For parents that are not used to their children being away, please do remember that children are generally not good at talking on the phone so don’t expect them to use a phone like an adult. Children also use text messaging very differently to adults. You might decide to talk to your son/daughter about how and when to use their phone before the trip.

Regular use of phones can lead to home sickness. Parents should be careful not to unintentionally put children under pressure to be homesick.

In our experience asking players to send one text message each evening to let you know they are fine works best with parents sending one text message back.

Players will be discouraged from using their phone during the daytime and all phones will be collected in before bedtime.


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