COVID-19 Gothia Cup 2020

The Coronavirus has had a serious impact on our 2019/20 season. We have explained the action we have taken and the impact below.

A Squad Matches

We cancelled the ‘A’ Squad matches which were arranged after FA guidelines stated that grass roots football should not continue. We appreciate that this was disappointing for everyone involved with these matches.

Gothia Cup

Sadly the Gothia Cup 2020 has been cancelled.

On 6th April 2020, before the cancellation, we wrote to parents to explain that the Gothia Cup had not been cancelled (the Swedish authorities having adopted a much less rigorous approach to social distancing than here in the UK) but that with everything going on we recognised that many parents may be unsure about players travelling. We therefore provided parents with a choice of moving their trip to 2021 with no need for re-selection at trials, withdrawing from the trip with a refund (minus those costs incurred which could not be retreived) or continuing with the trip.

A copy of Email to parents 6th April 2020 can be downloaded here and a copy of the attached Question and Answers for Parents Gothia Cup 2020 can be downloaded here.

On 21st April, the Gothia Cup was cancelled. A copy of the statement from the tournament organisers is here.

An email was immediately sent to all parents, a copy of which is here: Email to parents after Gothia cancelled

Parents who had requested to continue on the trip following our email on 6th April, where given a choice of moving their trip to 2021 or withdrawing.

Those who withdrew were send a form to provide their bank details in order for the money due to them to be paid.

We understand the cancellation of the tournament has been a frustrating time for everyone, including parents who may have booked their own trip to come and watch the team play in Gothenburg. We do appreciate the support of parents through this challenge and look forward to Gothia Cup 2021.

Training Camps
We had training camps arranged in April 2020. We postponed these and re-arranged a single camp for August 2020. This followed feedback from parents asking us to run a ‘pre-season’ camp in order to provide an opportunity for the players following the Gothia Cup’s cancellation.
Those parents/players who were due to attend the April camp but did not wish to attend the re-arranged camp were provided with a  refund. Parents requesting this option were asked to complete and return a  form with their bank details so that a refund could be made.
The August Camp was subsequently cancelled and parents were again provided with a choice to either have a refund or to use their payment for the cost of attending a Camp in 2021.

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