Flight 2

British Airways

Flights to Copenhagen and transfer bus

Parents drop off Saturday 17th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 5.00am

Outbound Sat 17th July LHR/CPH 07:05/09:55 BA812

Inbound: Sat 24th July CPH/LHR 13:45/14:50 BA 815

Parents pick up on Saturday 24th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 3.30pm

Players from the following teams at on this flight:



Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team’s accomodation at 9.30am on Sunday 18th July in order for the team to train together on Sunday and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

If you are unable to make the allocated drop off time of 9.30am on Sunday 18th July then please email [email protected] to request the alternative drop off time of 9pm on Saturday 17th July  or 6pm on Sunday 18th July.

Drop off for non-flyers will not be allowed at any other time.

Flight List


Region Team Firstname Surname
1 Lions B13(Blue) Archie Fincken
2 Lions B13(Blue) Benjamin Stearn
3 Lions B13(Blue) Jack Willoughby
4 Lions B13(Blue) Joshua Allen
5 Lions B13(Blue) Leo Batchelor
6 Lions B13(Blue) Noah Davies
7 Lions B13(Blue) Thomas Wates
8 Lions B13(Blue) Wilfred Read
9 Lions B13(Blue) Joe Pullinger
10 Lions B13(Blue) Judah Ogbaji
11 Lions B13(Green) August Ringdal
12 Lions B13(Green) Edward Hewitt
13 Lions B13(Green) Harry Ejje
14 Lions B13(Green) Henry Leighton
15 Lions B13(Green) Isaac Bridgwood
16 Lions B13(Green) Jack Cannon
17 Lions B13(Green) Jose Urquizu
18 Lions B13(Green) Kai Barker
19 Lions B13(Green) Oliver Richards
20 Lions B13(Green) William Ponnle
21 Lions B13(Blue) Coach
22 Lions B13(Green) Coach
23 Lions B13(Purple) Felix Smith
24 Lions B13(Purple) Max Mardon
25 Lions B13(Purple) Oliver Cook (GK)
26 Lions B13(Purple) Oliver Rowan
27 Lions B13(Purple) William Jennings
28 Lions B13(Purple) Coach
29 Lions B13(Purple) Coach
30 Lions B13(Red) Alexander Willcock
31 Lions B13(Red) Edward Wilson
32 Lions B13(Red) Fernando Tankaria-Rodriguez
33 Lions B13(Red) Gabriel Jacks
34 Lions B13(Red) Hugo Handley (GK)
35 Lions B13(Red) Oscar Jeffs
36 Lions B13(Red) William James
37 Lions B13(Red) Francis Ledwidge
38 Lions B13(Red) Coach
39 Lions B13(Red) Coach
40 Lions B13(White) Gethin Wood
41 Lions B13(White) Hugh Clarke
42 Lions B13(White) Sean Haughey
43 Lions B13(White) Luke Morris
44 Lions B13(White) Maxwell Cooper (GK)
45 Lions B13(White) Morgan Eilbeck
46 Lions B13(White) Zebedian Hodgson
47 Lions B13(White) Coach
48 Lions B13(Orange) Ahaan Chakravarti
49 Lions B13(Orange) Finnley Pankhurst
50 Lions B13(Orange) George Wise
51 Lions B13(Orange) Joshua Bent
52 Lions B13(Orange) Mac Izaak
53 Lions B13(Orange) Oliver Rees
54 Lions B13(Orange) Thomas Alexander(GK)
55 Lions B13(Orange) Fergus Lynch
56 Lions B13(Orange) Luca Dean
57 Lions B13(Orange) Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey