Flight 3

British Airways

Flights to Copenhagen and transfer bus

Parents drop off Friday 16th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 10.15am

Outbound Friday 16th July LHR/CPH 12:45/15:40 BA 816

Inbound: Friday 23rd July LHR/CPH 20:15/21:15 BA 821

Parents pick up on Friday 23rd July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 9.45pm

Players from the following teams at on this flight:



Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team’s accomodation at 9.30am on Saturday 17th July in order for the team to train together over the weekend and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

If you are unable to make the allocated drop off time of 9.30am on Saturday 17th July then please email [email protected] to request the alternative drop off time of 9pm on Saturday 17th July  or 9.30am or 6pm on Sunday 18th July.

Drop off for non-flyers will not be allowed at any other time.

Flight List
B12(Green) Alexander Vincent
B12(Green) Cameron Ramsay
B12(Green) Daniel Amolo-Ndeda
B12(Green) Humzah Khan
B12(Green) James Robson
B12(Green) Miles White
B12(Green) Oliver Cook
B12(Green) Coach
B12(Green) Coach
B12(Grey) Tyler Madzorera (GK)
B12(Grey) George Clark
B12(Grey) Lucas Bartlam
B12(Grey) Faris Vigor-Robertson
B12(Grey) Adam Gratton
B12(Grey) Coach
B12(Yellow) Piers Burton
B13(Yellow) Arthur Davies
B13(Yellow) Henry Buckley (GK)
B13(Yellow) Hudson Haddow
B13(Yellow) Jack Hankin
B13(Yellow) Jimmy Prince
B13(Yellow) Lenny Prince (GK)
B13(Yellow) Max German (O/A)
B13(Yellow) Rafael Sullivan
B13(Yellow) Robert de Burlet Hughes
B13(Yellow) Thomas McMonagle
B13(Yellow) Thomas Cullen
B13(Yellow) William Stockhausen
B13(Yellow) Coach
B13(Yellow) Coach
B13(Maroon) Charles Hancock
B13(Maroon) George Geddes
B13(Maroon) Harry Lister
B13(Maroon) Ivan (Egor) Dubinin
B13(Maroon) James Scott
B13(Maroon) Joe Pitchforth(GK)
B13(Maroon) Luke Butson
B13(Maroon) Max Thomas
B13(Maroon) Nathaniel Timpson
B13(Maroon) Oliver Ingall
B13(Maroon) Thomas Threlfall
B13(Maroon) Zachary Jones
B13(Maroon) Kinatro Gledstone
B13(Maroon) Coach
B13(Maroon) Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey