Flight 6

Flights to Gothenburg (direct)

Parents drop off Friday 16th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 6.45am

Outbound: Friday 16th July LHR/GOT 09:00/12:00 BA790

Inbound: Friday 23rd July GOT/LHR 20:00/21:05 BA 793

Parents pick up on Friday 23rd July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 9.45pm

Players from the following teams at on this flight:



Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team’s accomodation at 9.30am on Saturday 17th July in order for the team to train together over the weekend and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

If you wish to drop off at the alternative time of 9pm on Saturday 17th July, 9.30am or 6.00pm on Sunday 18th July please email [email protected]

Flight List
Team Firstname Surname
B11(Blue) Mackinley Haddow
B11(Blue) Hadley Sargent
B11(Blue) Henry McCord
B11(Blue) Charlie Broad (GK)
B11(Blue) Daniel Kaminski (GK)
B11(Blue) Archie Lee
B11(Blue) Dhilan Patel
B11(Blue) Javahn Woode
B11(Blue) Harry Raincock
B11(Blue) Arthur Hill
B11(Blue) Charles Murray
B11(Blue) Zac Abrahams
B11(Blue) Coach
B11(Blue) Coach
B11(Orange) Thomas Ballantine
B11(Orange) Zac Campbell
B11(Orange) Zachary Baldwin (GK)
B11(Orange) Leo Nishida
B11(Orange) Arjun Rana
B11(Orange) Coach
B11(Orange) Coach
B11(Red) Reece Brazier
B11(Red) Barnabas (Barney) Waddell
B11(Red) Theo Richardson (GK)
B11(Red) Oliver Stapleton
B11(Red) Jacob Green
B11(Red) Casper Claridge
B11(Red) Saxon Hockney
B11(Red) Samuel Greayer-Smith
B11(Red) Jack Jamieson
B11(Red) Hugo Wilson
B11(Red) Jacob Kiddle
B11(Red) Nathaniel Smith
B11(Red) Coach
B11(Red) Coach
B11(White) Frederick Adeney
B11(White) Jack Morrison (GK)
B11(White) Thomas Richards
B11(White) Shayan Srikantha (GK)
B11(White) Rory Kennedy
B11(White) William Quinn
B11(White) Oliver Ford
B11(White) Alexander Gavey
B11(White) Frederick Clements
B11(White) Rory Henderson
B11(White) Joshua Dunster
B11(White) Freddie Waite
B11(White) Coach
B11(White) Coach
B11(Maroon) Alexander Rosen
B11(Maroon) Jake Steele
B11(Maroon) William Chalmers
B11(Maroon) Michael Hassett
B11(Maroon) Johnny Knight
B11(Maroon) Coach
B11(Maroon) Coach
B11(Yellow) Joshua Notton-Brown
B11(Yellow) Ivo Rees
B11(Yellow) Samuel Timperlake
B11(Yellow) Malachi Patrick
B11(Yellow) Alfie Rice (GK)
B11(Yellow) Tyler Newman
B11(Yellow) Isaac Gately
B11(Yellow) Rohan Fernandes
B11(Yellow) Orson Shivji
B11(Yellow) Oliver Beck
B11(Yellow) James Treagus
B11(Yellow) Alexander Cox
B11(Yellow) Coach
B11(Yellow) Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey