Flight 7

Flights to Gothenburg (direct)

Parents drop off Saturday 17th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 5.00pm

Outbound: Saturday 17th July LHR/GOT 19:25/22:30 BA802

Inbound: Sunday 25th July GOT/LHR 07:00/08:15 BA803

Parents pick up on Sunday 25th July at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 9.00am

Players from the following teams at on this flight:



Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team’s accomodation at 9.30am on Sunday 18th July in order for the team to train together on Sunday and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

If you wish to drop off at the alternative time of  6.00pm on Sunday 18th July please email [email protected]

Flight List
Lions B11(Purple) Jun Mackrell
Lions B11(Purple) Arthur Thomas
Lions B11(Purple) Shay Bhagwan
Lions B11(Purple) Jai Koka (GK)
Lions B11(Purple) Brennan Coletta
Lions B11(Purple) Hussain Khan
Lions B11(Purple) Max Burley
Lions B11(Purple) James Wilson
Lions B11(Purple) Harrison Dinnage
Lions B11(Purple) Ryan Taylor
Lions B11(Purple) Archibald Bates
Lions B11(Purple) Coach
Lions B11(Purple) Coach
Lions B12(White) Alistair Phillis
Lions B12(White) George Redgrove (GK)
Lions B12(White) George Quartermaine (GK)
Lions B12(White) Harry Street
Lions B12(White) Louis Davis
Lions B12(white) Nikhil Patel
Lions B12(White) Rafferty Finn
Lions B12(White) Rocco Heggie
Lions B12(White) Rupert Aspinall Nessling
Lions B12(White) Yusuf Ali
Lions B12(White) Aidan Adams-Collman
Lions B12(White) Nathan Seall
Lions B12(White) Coach
Lions B12(White) Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey