Flight 8

Flights to Gothenburg (via Brusels) on Brusels Air

Parents drop off Friday 16th July at Heathrow Terminal 2 at 8.30am

Outbound: Friday 16th July SN2094 at 11:05/13:15 Brussels then SN2317 at 15:45/17:25 Gothenburg

Inbound: Friday 23rd July SN2318 at 18:05/19:45 Brussels then SN2103 at 21:25/21:35 Heathrow

Parents pick up on Friday 23rd July at Heathrow Terminal 2 at 10.15pm

Players from the following teams at on this flight:

Girls 11(Green)
Girls 11(White) – staff only
Girls 12(Green)
Girls 12(White)
Girls 13(Green)
Girls 13(White)
Girls 14


Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team’s accomodation at 9.30am on Saturday 17th July in order for the ensure the team can train together over the weekend and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

We do offer two alternative drop off times in case any parents can’t make 9.30am on Saturday 17th July. If you wish to drop off at the alternative times of  9pm on Saturday 17th July or 9.30am on Sunday 18th July please email [email protected]

Flight List
G13(Green) Alexandra Hayward
G13(Green) Darcey Woodhatch
G13(Green) Ellie Lumley
G13(Green) Emily Adams
G13(Green) Noa Bell
G13(Green) Scarlett Ali
G13(Green) Jasmin Leschinsky
G13(Green) Sophie Harbor-Seaman
G13(Green) Jemima Goodwin
G13(Green) Amelie Bowles
G13(Green) Pippa Sproul
G13(Green) Coach
G13(Green) Coach
G11(Green) Beatrice Lockyer
G11(Green) Georgia Goodwin
G11(Green) Sophia Judge
G11(Green) Lucy Paton
G11(Green) Tilly Ross
G11(Green) Imogen Mead
G11(Green) Hollie Tushingham
G11(Green) Lola Collins
G11(Green) Claudia Allison
G11(Green) Coco Clifford-Jones
G11(Green) Heidi Ayles
G11(Green) Coach
G12(Green) Danielle Ikhide
G12(Green) Leyla Chauhan
G12(Green) Amelia Knapp
G12(Green) Megan Filer
G12(Green) Susanna Lawrence
G12(Green) Charlotte Oosterveen
G12(Green) Coach
G12(Green) Coach
G12(White) Eve Moreno
G12(White) Lotte Kortekaas
G12(White) Megan Jackson(GK)
G12(White) Rosie Ormerod
G12(White) Matilda (Minnie) Foreman
G12(White) Lily Cattermole
G12(White) Chloe Attwood
G12(White) Heidi Long
G12(White) Coach
G12(White) Coach
G13(White) Elissia Williams (GK)
G13(White) Freya Neave
G13(White) Isla Murray
G13(White) Nancy Sheppard
G13(White) Matilda Ely
G13(White) Emily Wells
G13(White) Evie Harnden
G13(White) Chloe Chatfield
G13(White) Miya Tanifuji Anderson
G13(White) Molly Bates
G13(White) Coach
G13(White) Coach
G14 Georgia Maurici
G14 Grace Edge
G14 Madeleine Filer
G14 Phoebe Francis
G14 Violet Jahnke
G14 Grace O’Donnell
G14 Coach
G14 Coach
G11 (White) Coach
G11 (White) Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey