Flight 10

Flights to Gothenburg via Frankfurt

Parents drop off Saturday 17th July at Heathrow Terminal 2 at 3.00pm

Outbound: Saturday 17th July per LH915 at 17:30/20:05 Frankfurt then LH820 at 21:45/23:20 Gothenburg

Inbound: Saturday 24th July per LH2429 at 12:00/13:50 Munich then LH2478 at 16:05/17:05 Heathrow

Parents pick up on Saturday 24th at Heathrow Terminal 2 at 5.45pm

Players and staff from the following teams are on this flight:



Non-flyers from these teams should drop off at the team hotel (details to be confirmed) at 9.30am on Sunday 18th July in order for the team to train together on Sunday and to ensure all players have completed registration before Monday’s match. Please ensure the players have already had breakfast before dropping them off.

Do remember to bring the players’ passport when you drop them off.

If you are unable to make the allocated drop off time of 9.30am on Sunday 18th July then please email [email protected] to request the alternative drop off time of 6pm on Sunday 18th July.

Flight List
Team Firstname Surname
B13 (Red) Frederick Oakden
B13 (Red) Frederick Russell
B13 (Red) Louis Mathews
B13 (Red) Luke Gaffney
B13 (Red) Oliver Miller
B13 (Red) Sam Sharma
B13 (Red) Toby Cherry
B13 (Red) Xavier Curtis (GK)
B13 (Red) Sam Wheatcroft
B13 (Red) Coach
B13 (Red) Coach
B15(Green) Danial Melnikov
B15(Green) David Iyayi
B15(Green) Ethan Howells
B15(Green) Harley Dawson
B15(Green) Harry Williams
B15(Green) Henry Bradshaw
B15(Green) Jacob Bethell
B15(Green) Jake Warner(GK)
B15(Green) James Mackay
B15(Green) Joaquin Birts
B15(Green) Kamran Baghai
B15(Green) Markos Panoutsos
B15(Green) Coach
B15(Green) Coach
B15(White) Archibald Perkins
B15(White) Arthur Hennity
B15(White) Charlie Teal-Hunt
B15(White) Finlay Craig
B15(White) Hamish Ramsay
B15(White) Henry Brown
B15(White) Henry Stemp
B15(White) Khush Solanki
B15(White) Sebastian Wall
B15(White) William Simpson
B15(White) Zachary Kirton (GK)
B15(White) Coach
B15(White) Coach
B16 Benjamin Farrington
B16 Elliott Bond (GK)
B16 George Bradshaw
B16 Oscar James
B16 Thomas Hall
B16 William Diver
B16 Charles Jones
B16 James Gaffney
B16 Tobias (Toby) Anstey
B16 William Lacey
B16 Olaoluwakitan Akindele
B16 Coach
B16 Coach
B16 Flyn Matheson
B17 Callum Kinner
B17 David Asamani
B17 Frederick Hancock
B17 Leo Beardmore-Gray
B17 Louis Barnes
B17 Sebastian Hopkins
B17 Dylan Lowther
B17 Coach
B17 Coach

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey