Boys 11(Maroon)

Some Useful Information

Training Camp :Camp 1: 31st March to 2nd April. Camp 2: 14th April to 16th April

Team Flight: Flight 6

Accommodation (tbc nearer to trip)

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Gothia Cup Essentials

Questions and Answers

Team Leader: Mark Usher has been involved in education for over 15 years and is currently Director of Sport at Beachborough School in Northamptonshire. Prior to this, Mark was Head of PE at Horris Hill School in Berkshire. This will be his third trip to Gothia Cup. Mark will be assisted by Kate Cousins who graduated as a Sports Therapist from University of Worcester. Katie has experience working in football, futsal and rugby as well as a full time role with the NHS. She has worked at various sports events and is a qualified first aider.

First Name Surname Squad No 2021 Team flight 2021 Flight Non-flyer
Drop off
2021 Gothia Camp 1 Camp 2
Alexander Rosen 4 Yes 6 Yes Yes
Beau Desmond (GK) 36 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Withdraw
Jake Steele 41 Yes 6 Yes Yes
Conor Laycock 64 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes
Charlie Gray 67 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
William Chalmers 69 Yes 6 Yes Yes
Michael Hassett 71 Yes 6 Yes Yes
Henry Sage 86 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
Alexander Tirvengadum 87 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
Theodore Tottman 91 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes
Johnny Knight 93 Yes 6 Yes Yes
Samuel Findlay 56 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey