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Camp 1: 31st March to 2nd April. Camp 2: 14th April to 16th April

Team Flight: Flight 4

Accommodation (tbc nearer to trip)

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Robbie Spencer is a UEFA A candidate and FA Advanced Youth Award qualified coach. Robbie has worked in professional football for the past 10 years at clubs such as Reading, Wolves, Brentford, Watford and currently Oxford United.  Robbie has also studied at top European academies Real Madrid, PSV and Bordeaux. This will be his third trip to the Gothia Cup. Robbie will be assisted by Chloe Lindsay has a degree in sports therapy, and is currently working for a men’s football team, academy and grass roots team in the midlands. This will be her second trip to Gothia Cup.

First Name Surname Squad No 2021 Team flight 2021 Flight Non-flyer
Drop off
2021 Gothia Camp 1 Camp 2
Adam Boyo 33 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Callum Togher 97 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Daniel Bittencourt Paredes 72 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Ilya Walker-Haworth 4 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Riley Day (GK) 41 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Spencer Hawes 66 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Freddie Allen (GK) 17 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Ari Sinaniotis 55 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Paul Armissoglio-Senecat 56 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Willoughby Greere 57 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Freddie Jennings 59 Yes 4 Yes Yes
Joel Davies 73 Yes 4 Yes Yes

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey