Some Useful Information

Camp 1: 31st March to 2nd April. Camp 2: 14th April to 16th April

Team Flight: Flight 3

Accommodation (tbc nearer to trip)

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Questions and Answers

Team Leader: Spencer Ogilvie has over 25 years of coaching experience and currently coaches at Dunottar School. Spencer will be assisted by Harry Hannigan. Harry is a qualified football and basketball coach. He is currently studying Sports Coaching and Performance at The University of East London which involves working with West Ham Utd coaches and players.  Michael has medical experience working in rugby and is currently studying Sports Therapy at Hartpury University.

First Name Surname Squad No 2021 Team flight 2021 Flight Non-flyer
Drop off
2021 Gothia Camp 1 Camp 2
Henry Downes 86 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes
Nicholas Hartley 47 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
Oliver Killbourn 18 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
Tyler Madzorera (GK) 96 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Daniel De Wagt 52 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
George Clark 64 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Samuel Bridge 88 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
Lucas Bartlam 92 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Faris Vigor-Robertson 50 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Adam Gratton 62 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Owen Churchward 63 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey