Some Useful Information

Camp 1: 31st March to 2nd April. Camp 2: 14th April to 16th April

Team Flight: Flight 1

Accommodation (tbc nearer to trip)

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Gothia Cup Essentials

Questions and Answers

Team Leader: Matt Stebbings is an FA Licenced coach with experience of coaching a variety of Academy players. Matt has a MSc in Sport Science and is attending his fourth Gothia Cup. Matt will be assisted by Haydn Witchalls who has a degree in Sports Fitness and Coaching and is a qualified FA Coach who currently  training to be a PE Teacher.

First Name Surname Squad No 2021 Team flight 2021 Flight Non-flyer
Drop off
2021 Gothia Camp 1 Camp 2
Alfred Gray (GK) 19 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Arthur Anayi 58 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Benedict Gwilliam 24 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Bruno Fisher 45 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Casper Tottman 7 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Harry Jowett 43 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Tristan Page 91 Yes 1 Yes
Zayaan Waheed 60 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Charles Cousins 48 Yes 1 Yes Withdrawn
Maverick Tigges 67 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Miller Riddoch 80 Yes 1 Yes Yes
Ashley Valvona 93 Yes 1 Yes Yes

For the most talented Independent School footballers across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey