Some Useful Information

Camp 1: 31st March to 2nd April. Camp 2: 14th April to 16th April

Team Flight: Flight 3

Accommodation (tbc nearer to trip)

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Questions and Answers

Team Leader Lee Cooke is an outstanding coach who has taught in Prep Schools.  A former semi-professional, who trialed for England Schoolboys, Lee has considerable coaching experience both in Clubs and Schools. This will be his second trip to Gothia Cup. Lee will be assisted by Teagan-Christine Brown who has worked at Cove Football Club since 2006 and as a First Aider there since 2015. She is qualified up to FA Level 3 First Aid.

First Name Surname Squad No 2021 Team flight 2021 Flight Non-flyer
Drop off
2021 Gothia Camp 1 Camp 2
Charles Hancock 61 Yes 3 Yes
Charles Ferguson 35 non-flyer 9.30am Saturday Yes Yes
George Geddes 33 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Harry Lister 32 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Ivan (Egor) Dubinin 2 Yes 3 Yes Yes
James Scott 68 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Joe Pitchforth(GK) 1 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Luke Butson 84 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Max Thomas 38 Yes 3 Yes
Nathaniel Timpson 21 Yes 3 Yes
Oliver Ingall 10 Yes 3 Yes Yes
Thomas Threlfall 50 Yes 3 Yes
Zachary Jones 83 Yes 3 Yes
Kinatro Gledstone 56 Yes 3 Yes

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